This estimate shows the benefits you could get from human insight in the next three years. It’s based on third-party studies of the real-world benefits of the UserTesting platform. This is just an estimate; your results will depend on your particular processes and situation (more on that below).

As a reminder, the five benefit categories are:

  • Increased profit due to improved ease of use in online properties and marketing materials, which leads to more online traffic and higher conversion rates.
  • Increased profit due to increased customer loyalty caused by better online experiences.
  • Cost savings in the design department due to having a more efficient process with less rework.
  • Cost savings in the marketing department due to validating marketing materials before they go live.
  • Research cost savings due to moving from in-person to online methods.

Your actual benefits might be higher than the calculator shows 

The third-party researchers who built this model were not able to estimate the dollar value of some other benefits of human insight, so they are not included in the results. The unmeasured benefits include:

  • Savings in engineering expense due to a reduction in rework
  • The value of increased customer satisfaction
  • The value from faster time to market and more accurate identification of the target audience
  • The value of producing greater alignment across the organization through better customer insights
  • The value from producing a culture of customer empathy in the company
  • The value from empowering non-researchers to gather their own feedback
  • The value achieved by improving omnichannel experiences

Other things to note:

  • The calculator shows the present value of your estimated benefits in the first three years. Your benefits will increase over time.
  • The model assumes that you will not adopt human insight into your marketing team until the third year. Your benefits will be greater if you adopt faster.
  • This is just an estimate. Your results will vary depending on many individual factors, including the customer experience maturity of your organization, the specific experience research products you use, and how effectively you adopt human insight business practices.


This calculator was derived from third party studies of companies that had deployed the UserTesting platform. The financial benefits reported by those companies were analyzed to estimate the likely benefits for an average company, and that analysis was used to create the calculator. The benefits shown here are just an estimate; your results will vary.