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Why Every Customer Education Team Needs a Human Insight Solution

The same technique of fast, continuous feedback that helps drive great products also can drive great education content. Here’s how to make it happen.

Do patients want AI to replace their doctors?

Not today. The use of AI in healthcare is intriguing, but most people aren’t yet ready to trust it. Data protection, proof of accuracy, and allowing human-driven alternatives can help drive acceptance

How to Build Great CX Into the DNA of a Legacy Company

Legacy companies struggle with the changes needed to improve customer experience. To overcome that, James Lane says to be patient, focus on incremental wins, and frame the benefits of CX in terms that senior management values

The UX of AI Art Generators: Magical, Mystifying, and Macabre

For newbies, using an AI-assisted art creation tool is both delightful and disappointing

Crypto is Still Confusing for Novice Users

Companies in a hot market often overlook experience problems, but that can come back to bite them as soon as the market cools

A Tale of Two Acquisitions: Figma and Twitter

Lessons about listening to customers from two of the biggest tech acquisitions of the year

Expectations vs. Reality: Older Adults and Social Media

Young adults underestimate the tech sophistication of people over 60. Beware of bias in your company's thinking.

How to transform a category: Lessons from Amazon and One Medical

The financial rewards for transforming a category can be immense, but the barriers are also huge and not necessarily obvious. Amazon’s attempts to reform healthcare show that distrust and overpromising can be two of the biggest risks.