Many people know that human insight can help your company make more money, but often it’s hard to quantify exactly how much. This calculator can help. Enter a few statistics about your company, and we’ll give you an estimate of the potential financial benefits over three years. It’s free and instant.

The calculator is based on research by third-party industry analysts, who studied real-world companies and measured five areas of economic benefit that they received from deploying UserTesting:

  • Increased profit due to improved ease of use in online properties and marketing materials, which leads to more online traffic and higher conversion rates.
  • Increased profit due to increased customer loyalty caused by better online experiences.
  • Cost savings in the design department due to having a more efficient process with less rework.
  • Cost savings in the marketing department due to validating marketing materials before they go live.
  • Research cost savings due to moving from in-person to online methods.

Based on those findings, we created this calculator to help you estimate what an experience research platform could do for your company in the next three years. Give it a try! (Note: This is completely anonymous and we don’t save the information. It’s just a reference for you.)

Benefits Calculator

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